Jean Trusler

Occupational therapist

Occupational Therapists are interested in occupation. Not only jobs or careers, but all the everyday tasks and activities that we do that make up our lives and give them meaning. This includes work, leisure and self-care. Our occupations can be disrupted by many different illnesses or challenges, including pain. The goal of the OT is to work alongside a person to enable them to manage and maintain the occupations that are important to them to ensure quality of life. This could include treating or managing the pain itself, making adjustments to how we carry out our daily occupations or adapting the activity or environment to assist us to perform the occupation. Pain can have a far reaching impact on our lives including our emotional and psychological well-being, our job security and satisfaction, our relationships and our enjoyment of life. Each of these elements need to be addressed when dealing with pain management and Occupational Therapy is there to assist you in this.